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I have recently started to collect watches again. I started when I was younger, then paused for a few years to raise my four children. Now that I have raised some great kids, I started my passion for watches all over, when I first started to do my research on collecting - everything I could find was on Mainstream Luxury Brands - this is not really my style. I decided to take a look at Small Band, Boutique, and Independent watch companies - but there was not a lot out there - and what was out there were reviews by people who support the Mainstream Luxury Brand marketplace. Like most, I cannot afford to take out a second mortgage to by a watch, so I started this site to share with others the Small Band, Boutique, and Independent watch companies that I encounter on my journey. I hope that you enjoy the watches, the reviews, and most of all I hope that you can share this with your kids as a great hobby. Have a great time looking around and subscribe if you find the information worthy.

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