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Boutique Watchmaker Showcase - LIV Swiss Watches

LIV Swiss Watches

Most of the information contained in this showcase is taken from the LIV Swiss Watches website, press releases, and interest pieces from other well-known sources. There is quite a bit of information from my personal experience with LIV Swiss Watches as I am a fan, and a beginning collector of these most amazing timepieces in my collection. LIV Swiss Watches definitely has some of the best customer interactions that I have ever had in any industry, they even took the time to answer some questions that I had about the company, and I am just a new collector with a small blog.

If you have never heard of LIV Swiss Watches, then you may want to have a seat, break out a beverage of choice, and see how this Boutique Watchmaker is taking the market by storm. LIV timepieces are definitely the showcases in my collection, and this is in thanks to their over-delivery in the quality of the build, presentation, design and the entire customer experience from the time of purchase.

LIV Swiss Watches has implemented a direct-to-customer philosophy that when joined by their customer focus business model allows them to reduce cost and that savings is reflected in the prices of some of the highest quality timepieces in the market today.

Let us take a look at the history of LIV Swiss Watches:

2014 LIV Swiss Watches was launched on Kickstarter, with one of the largest responses in the history of Kickstarter.

2015 The GX1 Swiss Chrono makes its debut to the world, and without fail LIV keeps the fan base wanting more.

2016 LIV Swiss Watches introduces the first automatic timepiece in their line, the GX1-A.

2017 LIV Swiss Watches introduce the Rebel, with its nonconformance and defiance to the industry standards, the fans are excited to add this to their collections.

2018 LIV Swiss Watches begin to experiment with titanium and ceramic materials, leading to the introduction of the P-51 and Alarm Series of timepieces.

2020 LIV Swiss Watches relocate to Miami's Wynwood Arts District, in the midst of the move - they launch the Saturn V

The Q&A with Esti - Co-Founder and Brand Manager at LIV Swiss Watches

I reached out to LIV Swiss Watches to be the first Boutique Watchmakers for the Watch-Fiend Blog, the reason for this was pretty simple - the customer experience that I have had with LIV Swiss Watches has been phenomenal with every watch. Here are the questions and answers from the interaction that I had with Esti, and without fail, that experience was on par with the rest of the experiences that I have had with LIV. While these questions may not be the industry standard, they are the questions that I get asked when I am talking about my LIV timepieces and the experiences that I have had with LIV Swiss Watches.

Being that Chaz and you have been in the watch-making industry for quite a while, what made you take the leap into creating LIV?

We started LIV Watches for watch fanatics and collectors just like you; for the very reasons you stated, "Collecting quality watches, especially Swiss Made, was a hobby for the well-off with the disposable income needed to pay the premium prices."

We knew the huge markups added in the supply chain were a key reason for the out-of-reach price tags on premium Swiss Made timepieces. Understanding this, we created a direct-to-consumer business model that eliminated these markups and put quality Swiss watches within reach of most collectors. Watches with quality that matches or exceeds the big name brand's level.

What was the driving force behind the customer service model that you have?

Customer service can be impersonal, with customers being treated as nothing more than a sales statistic. Instead, we view our customers as fans, people as invested in LIV, and our timepieces, as we are. To accomplish this, we provide a concierge-style fan service that allows us to establish a personal relationship with each person who buys a LIV watch. This service model reflects our love for watches and our goal of putting premium quality timepieces within reach of practically everyone.

What drives the inspiration for the design of your timepieces, and do you have any plans for any more space-based timepieces?

We looked at the industry and realized watch designs were stale and uninspired. When people invest in a quality watch, it is often a statement piece for them, reflecting their personality and view on life. So, we set out to create eye-catching, head-turning, limited production wristwatches that captured and reflected the unique character of the wearer.

That is how we started. Since then, our fans have been a tremendous source of inspiration. Because of our relationship, fans are eager to share ideas for improvement and new features. As a result, we pay close attention and have incorporated fan requests on many occasions.

Is there another space-themed watch in the future? Who knows? Space exploration is one of humankind's most stunning technological accomplishments. Celebrating these milestones with examples of the micro-engineering excellence in our watches seems fitting.

The most asked question when I talk about LIV is – do they have a brick-and-mortar store?

We do not have a traditional retail presence in the sense that there is a place where a collector or watch freak could go, see watches in a display case, and buy one. However, we encourage our fans to let us know when they are in Miami so they can come to our offices to talk watches, have a coffee, or perhaps a slice of pizza.

And my final question, with the quality and craftsmanship of the LIV timepieces, you must work extremely hard to keep your price point as low as it is; what is the driver behind that?

We have deep connections in the Swiss watch industry, often with two generations of watchmakers and suppliers. These relationships enable us to access high-quality, often limited components and materials.


Final Thoughts

If you are new or a seasoned collector, you need to add a LIV Swiss Watch to your collection. When you experience the level of customer service, then you unbox your first one - it will be the start of you adding more LIV Swiss Watches to your collection. I currently own five LIV timepieces, and they are my go to timepieces - and that is saying a lot, as I have over one hundred and fifty timepieces in my collection. I recommend LIV every time that I am asked the question "I just need that one watch, I am not a collector, but I want a quality watch that I can be a family heirloom". LIV is that "One Timepiece".

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