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Undone Batman Quantum: Standard Edition


This timepiece broke a couple of the rules I have about collecting, first - it is a "Limited Edition", and second it is a little on the "Fashion" or "Gimmick" side of the other timepieces in my collection. Now, with that being said Undone has a great reputation as a "Micro Brand" or "Boutique" watchmaker. From my research, Undone came to the industry in 2014, and has been growing in their space quite steadily. This is my first watch from Undone, and I must say that I am fairly impressed with the Batman Quantum: Standard Edition.


Key Specifications

Manufacturer: Undone Engine: TMI NH35A Lens: Sapphire

Series: Batman Quantum Jewels: 24 Case Diameter: 43mm

Model: Standard Edition Power Reserve: 41 Hours Case Materials: Titanium

Warranty: 12 Months Strap: Rubber Case Thickness: 16.25mm

Bezel: 120-Click WR: 20ATM | 200M | 660ft Cost: $650.00 USD


The Review

The only "CON" that I have with the Undone Batman - the strap. I have large wrists, and this is just an average sized strap. This, of course, is not an impact to my review of the timepiece - but I feel I must state the obvious, I am not going to wear this as much as I would like to because of it.

The Review

The Case

The case of is definitely muted and focused more on the "Dark Knight" stealthy look, rather than the comic book or 70's TV series color scheme. This is a big plus in the wearability of this timepiece. This is also my first full titanium case timepiece, Undone has utilized Grade 2 Titanium for the case - Grade 2 Titanium is 99% pure making it very resistant to corrosion. Making the case very formable, which has lead to a very unique case shape, the hidden-lugs are shaped at an angle making very comfortable on the wrist.

The Engine

Undone has created a hybrid of the TMI NH35A and the TMI NH39 caliber. The TMI NH35A is hand windable, hacking upgrade to the TMI NH25A. It is a 24 Jewel, 21,600 bph, 41-hour power reserve caliber - and currently one of the most popular movements on the market today. TMI claims that the NH35A accuracy range is within -20 ~+40 seconds per day. The difference with the Batman Quantum is the date complication, instead of the date having a window for the location, this timepiece has a small yellow marker that rotates around a stationary date identifier on the dial. This took a minute to get used to, but there is no issue with the functionality.

The first test that I performed came out to -70.6 spd, there had to be an issue with either my inputs to or it was just a fluke - I have never had any issue with the Undone Batman Quantum keeping accurate time - so I will retest the timepiece and update this section.


This timepiece lives up to its name, it is stealthy, muted and almost sinister in the look. The fact that it is based on the "Dark Knight" series of the Batman legacy makes this a very wearable timepiece, while I would never wear it with formal business attire, you could definitely wear it with business causal or even out on date night. The only thing I would say, is with the stealthy look, comes the fact that once the lume is faded - this is very hard to read at night. With that said, this is a very light timepiece for its size, making it comfortable to wear for extended lengths of time, the silicone/rubber strap is also very comfortable in the spring weather - I have not worn this is in the heat and humidity of summer in the south, but I tend to wear NATO or bracelet straps during the summer anyways. I will have to give this timepiece a 4 Star rating, only missing the 5 Star because of the small limitations I have with it.

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